The Power of Quarterly Planning

Posted by Howard White

Focusing on 91 Days At a Time will Change Your LIFE and 4X Your Results!!!

For maximum productivity or to achieve anything in life, you must start with an optimal plan. The best way to accomplish this type of success is through quarterly planning. Quarterly planning requires understanding your key performance indicators, objective and critical results for each 91-day or three-month period. 

It takes the entire year and divides it into four critical periods to outline and streamline your focus for increased productivity. Instead of focusing on one big overwhelming goal, you can now break it down into more realistic, measurable, specific, and relevant action steps. 

The following are the top reasons why you should add quarterly planning to your business routine and why It’s so powerful:  

Provides A Sense of Urgency and Clear Deadline 

Studies show that when you permit yourself to use a certain amount of time for something, you will likely use it all no matter if you really need all that time or not. Similarly, the concept of lifestyle creep fits here as your discretionary income increases your attitude for your wants and needs change. 

Making you want more and more money and never feel like you have enough. In business school, you learn that you will always spend 80% of it as you change your needs and wants no matter how much you earn to fit your income. 

Therefore, if you know you can complete a specific task within fifteen minutes, don’t give yourself a full hour to complete it. Only plan an additional fifteen minutes to ensure you use those other thirty minutes wisely instead of taking your time when you know you can do the work more efficiently. 

You Win and Achieve More

With quarterly planning, you have the chance to celebrate your success more as you have more goals to accomplish now, vs. the one annual goal mindset. 

For example, instead of saying, “In 2021, I wish to increase my revenue by 25%,” your mindset is now “For the next 90 days, this is what I plan to do to increase my revenue by 25%,” Giving you the focus, determination, and other resources you need to accomplish your goal four times faster. While it’s a worthy goal for the year, a simple change in mindset can easily quadruple your results instead.

Allows You To Better Control The Unexpected

In life, there is only one certain thing, and that thing is change. Something will change in your life, whether it be right this minute, which it did, or ten years from now. Each day you are learning and growing and becoming a different and better version of yourself. The presence of change will certainly show you just how much control constant change holds over your life. 

However, quarterly planning is the reins that allow you to keep the course and the direction you want no matter what change throws at you. It is easier to adjust a 91-day outlook than it is to change a 365-day plan. Imagine if you took the time to plan a new project for the whole year only for it to be derailed by one missed goal — creating a spiraling effect that leads to low self-confidence and burnout. 

Important for Relevancy and Business Competition

When you plan every three months, you provide your business with a better opportunity to stay relevant. It allows you the time you need to review your business objectives and to be sure that nothing in your genre has changed. 

If you think your business will never change, expect to get behind just like Blockbuster did regarding the invention of streaming television shows and movies. If only they took the extra time to get on the new trend before everyone else, they may still be the powerhouse of movies they once were. 

Improves Overall Performance and Confidence

Quarterly planning requires you to outline metrics that keep you more accountable and on track. This ensures sustainable and measurable growth that supports your vision, making it clear and more attainable. With measures like this, your confidence and performance will improve as you accomplish more than you have ever done before. 

Stop overplanning and wasting your time with annual plans that don’t make sense and are overwhelming. Quarterly planning is precisely the strategy you need to stay consistent, relevant, and ahead of your competition to gain the success you need and want while saving you time and energy. It’s the balance you need to ensure your output is always greater than your input.